Our Marriage

Marriage Testimony

Suzanne & I met in 1985 at a New Hampshire “Youth With a Mission” base. We were both doing a DTS and both looking for a special time just to seek God. Looking for a partner was the last thing on our minds as we went to YWAM. In 1984 Suzanne had gone to Panama on a short term missions trip and while there the Lord gave her a scripture in Isaiah about trees of righteousness. She prayed that God would give her future husband the same scripture and that he would have a call to the mission field, especially the Latin people, also that he would be a prayer warrior. One day before heading onto YWAM she was praying and asked God to show her a picture of what her future husband would look like and she saw a image of him, complexion and all. As she would talk to people the name Greg would just come out of her mouth. In Sept ’95 when we went to YWAM we all had to sit in a circle and introduce ourselves. Suzanne was amazed that there on the other side of the room was a man who looked just like the image she saw when she prayed. She really began to think that the devil was playing tricks on her mind when she found out his name was Greg. As the time went on through YWAM a few of us decided to get together to pray for the outreaches. About a group of 12 started out but as the days went by it slowly dwindeled to just a few of us and eventually just 2 of us, Suzanne and I. We decided to not get discouraged and continue to pray anyway and began to see God really answer prayers as we pressed in. One morning, in my devotional, the Lord spoke to me and said that he was preparing the one that I was to marry then Suzanne’s name and image filled my mind. I said to the Lord I don’t receive it unless you back it with scripture. The Lord gave me Gen. 22:6 which says that we two will go and worship and then we will both come back together.( speaking of Issac and Abraham) I knew it was to be Suzanne but at this time in my life I was to leave it on the altar and continue to seek the Lord.One day a teacher came from the Bahamas where we were to do our outreach. We began to have a time of confession and as I took a turn it was prophesied over me Isaiah trees of righteousness. Suzanne had taken note of the prophecy and later was reading in Isaiah when she saw in her Bible where she marked 2 years earlier asking God for her future husband to be given the same verse. As we compared notes we saw that God was calling us to be married. We wanted to be in total line with the leadership that was above us and so we asked them what they thought and they said that they saw it coming down the pipes long before us. All of a sudden people (some complete strangers) began to confirm what God had been calling us to. One more thing Suzanne wanted me to do was to ask permission from her father for her hand in marriage. Reluctantly I said yes. I prayed that God would help me and that if all this was truly from God that her father would say yes and only yes. Not yes but you should wait, or anything else just plain yes. When I asked him he stuttered out yes 3 times. He wanted to say something else but it was as if he couldn’t. As we planned our wedding we were not employed having been in the mission field, we were short on money. Someone said to us, make your list, show it to God and let him take care of the rest. We did and soon people were calling from all over asking what they could give to help with the wedding. We basically got married for free because of all the people God moved on to help us. Waiting for God’s best was the best choice that Suzanne and I have made. Now 14 years later (Sept. 21, 1986) and five children, in the ministry , God still never ceases to amaze us. If you are single don’t leave God out on this decision and wait for the perfect one that He has for you. You will never regret it. : )

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